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Crystal encrusted Elephant in aid of the Elephant Family Organisation

My love for Thailand started many years ago, I once took my daughter backpacking when she was 6 years old, the two of us flew to Bangkok with no plans.  I bought a map of the world and drew a line around Thailand and got her to point to where we were going to head to first... We were on our first proper adventure. We hired a bike, first stop was a little fruit and veg shop to buy some bananas; second stop a baby elephant named Jumbo…


A couple of years later I was approached by Rylan Clark to help him design his elephant for Elephant Parade, this is an open-air exhibition dedicated to saving the Asian elephant from extinction. 


For one or more months, hundreds of painted elephant sculptures specially created by artists are placed in the streets of one or more host cities with the aim of increasing public awareness of the plight of the elephant and gaining support for Asian elephant conservation.  They are then auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the Elephant Family organisation.


Rylan wanted our elephant to be covered in crystals, so one by one I glued 22,100 crystals onto ’Sparky’. 


Bo aged 6


Commissioned pins for EBG Helicopter pilots at Redhill Aerodrome


EBG Helicopters at Redhill Aerodrome commissioned me to make pins which are presented to the pilots when they pass their test.  Once these are made I send them off to have Leonardo da Vinci’s helicopter lazered onto the front.


Some lovely comments from my clients

Andy   West Sussex

"We had a friendship that lasted over 20 years, its was like no other, so we decided that we would commission Cath to make a Gaelic Friendship Symbol for each of us, which depicted a never ending friendship but both very different in a male and female design, they were both absolutely beautiful.  I look at mine everyday and love it, the quality means it will last forever …."

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