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Hello and Welcome


Hi I’m Cath and have been a silversmith 

since 2010.  Once I had completed my

course my mum told me that my Great

Grandad had been a silversmith and I

use some of his tools in my workshop to

this day.

I totally love what I do and get complete job satisfaction hearing how much my jewellery means to people.  The wording some people choose to be on a piece can be really moving.

Forget - me - nots remind me of my childhood so I just love these flowers.  They take me back to Dunoon when I was 8 years old, there were the 4 generations, my Nana, Gran and Mum and I were walking down a lane where hundreds of forget - me - nots were covering an old white wall.  I decide to create my first collection with these flowers in mind.

I have my own hallmark which is kept at The London Assay Office where they hallmark my pieces.



After researching many jewellers and designers, I could not find that ‘perfect piece’ that would complement our simple, outdoor ceremony yet be unique and beautiful enough to wear on the day.

It was then that I found myself in receipt of a gift voucher for Cath Adam Silver.  Looking at her past work, I found her simplistic and organic designs matched perfectly with my ideas and after a little work together we came up with the perfect idea.

The leaves were cast from those already featuring in my hairpiece, mini replicas of those used in my bouquet and within the grounds of our ceremony itself.  The necklace itself was designed to be unique and beautiful enough to draw the eye, yet not too obtrusive of elaborate that it would take over the entire look.

Cath was really wonderful to work with, my necklace designed beyond my expectations and the result was truly stunning, receiving many complements!  If you are looking for a truly unique and beautiful piece of jewellery, I’d highly recommend using Cath Adam Silver.


Crawley Down

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